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Air Circulation & Distribution Systems for Indoor Growers

A Modular, Scalable Airflow System for Single-Tier and Multi-Tier Applications

CanopyFlo's unique product design delivers precise climate control and airflow to indoor grown plants. No matter the airflow system you are looking to apply, CanopyFlo can scale to fit your needs.

Perfect for Single-Tier Applications

Configurable for All Air Flow Solutions

Create Optimum Environments for Plant Growth

CanopyFlo is a state-of-the-art airflow technology system growers use to provide optimal growing conditions to promote plant health and vigor.

Growers often struggle to control environmental conditions in and around the plant canopy. Plant spacing and pruning techniques are just a few of the variables that create microclimates which promote disease and poor growing conditions.

Our signature duct system circulates and distributes air in and around the canopy to eliminate microclimates and create uniform growing environments with precise air velocity, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.

Unlimited Configurability

Draw in conditioned air and then deliver it with precision and uniformity, exactly where you need it, via the most configurable air system on the market.

Optimal Performance

By optimizing HVAC efficiency through the correct air circulation strategy, our clients have seen a decrease in utility costs by 30%.


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"The CanopyFlo system has completely eliminated the microclimates in our environment, improving plant health and overall production. We are thrilled with how simple the system was to integrate into our rooms and how effective it has been to maintain. Our plants are healthier than they have been, which has added to our bottom line as an organization."

David Holmes

Founder & CEO, Clade9

“We have noticed a huge decrease in our microclimate effect in our multi-story cultivation rooms. We have also noticed a decrease in any disease and inner canopy die back.”

Brent Barnes

Vice President of Breeding and Cultivation, Co-Founder of Claybourne Co.

Like nothing else on the market

Our Ground Breaking
Inter-Canopy Technology

Our patent-pending technology can be configured to create an inter-canopy airflow system by pushing and circulating the air through the canopy, removing extra moisture, and delivering fresh air to the crop with up to four air changes per minute.

No other technology is as accurate at delivering conditioned, enriched, sanitized air to the plant surface.
Perfect in Multi-Tier Applications
Space Efficient
Top Drawn Exhaust
High Flow Supply Fans
Our Promise/Guarantee

Give it a grow

CanopyFlo's one-of-a-kind inter-canopy airflow system is designed for you, the grower. CanopyFlo has been built to optimize indoor grow facility conditions, so you have peace of mind that your environmental equipment ROI is maxed out.

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