Frequently Asked Questions

We're answering some of the common FAQs about our supply and exhaust fan systems for indoor growing facilities.


Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you're searching for an answer to a question about your particular facility, contact us and someone from our Sales Department will be in touch.

What is the reach of a CanopyFlo unit?

CanopyFlo models can reach 60' length tables. Please ask us for a custom quote based on your facility and grow rooms.

Does CanopyFlo have to be the only air system in the grow room? Can I have another solution as well?

CanopyFlo can be used as the only air circulation solution but optimal performance and results will depend on the right mechanical design → we are happy to review your current designs and provide feedback on the right approach for your site.

Does the system come with a warranty?

Our PSC motors and capacitors are covered under a 1-year limited warranty. The products must qualify for the 1- year limited warranty. To qualify for the Warranty, the installation process must be guided by a Canopyflo representative and follow the recommended instructions. Any exceptions or additional accessories used for the installation of our products should be verified and validated with our engineers prior to installation. If not, it may void warranty as well as diminish product's overall performance

How much does the CanopyFlo fan system cost?

Because each indoor growing facility is designed differently, and each organization's needs vary, our custom designed systems are built to the individual needs of each organization's grow space. Our Sales Department will gather as much information as possible in order to provide you with a more precise quote. Request a quote here.

How does CanopyFlo reduce mold and mildew?

As clean, sanitized air is sent through the canopy from below, the stagnant air microclimates acting as breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and virus growth are broken up.

What type of indoor growing horticulture can CanopyFlo be used for?

CanopyFlo's technology can be used for any indoor agriculture and horticulture that is grown on single- and multi-tier racks. This include cannabis, produce, and more.

What are the benefits of a configurable system?

CanopyFlo's fans are designed to be customizable and configurable to any rack and growing system, regardless of dimension. This is because we know that all manufactured racks and systems are built differently, but that doesn't mean that the plants shouldn't be taken care of the same way. Whether the fans are upright, turned horizontally, or turned 180 degrees upside down, the CanopyFlo fans maintain the same precise airflow delivery.

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